William Mychels | 45 | Father | US Secretary of Defense | FC: Brad Pitt

William started out his career as an army, serving in Iraq for four years. There, he met his future wife Angela where she served as a doctor. After serving, he became a detective and lawyer, before finally working in the Department of Defense and ended up being chosen as the Secretary of Defense. William educated his children with a tough love. Especially with his only son, Chris. When he found out that Chris wanted to be an actor instead of joining the army, he temporarily disown him. But after an endless persuasion by his wife, he finally gave in and let him be whatever he wanted. After the incident, he promised to support his children in whatever they do as long as they’re giving their best.

Angela Mychels | 44 | Mother | Doctor | FC: Sasha Alexander

Angela is a sweet, caring mother that every child wants. She is the exact opposite of her husband William, and that is why they matched so well together. Angela spoiled her kids to no end, which received a disapproving shook of the head by her husband. But she put no attention to it as she loved all her kids. She switched from a neurosurgeon into a normal doctor when Will was selected to be the Secretary of Defense to spend more time with her kids what’s with all the job Will had to do.

Christopher Mychels | 26 | Teacher | Oldest Child | FC: Chace Crawford

Chris had always been the guy you wanted to be in the family. He’s handsome, he’s smart and he’s kind. He knew all of this, and is not afraid of using it. He took care of his family and other people in his surroundings. And he’s not afraid to use his physics if needed. But behind the smiles he had lived a stressful life. He felt that he can’t be open to anyone. He felt like if he’s not the compassionate guy, the guy that everybody wanted him to be, nobody would accept him. This mindset later leads him to the dark side of life. When he was 15 he discovered what drugs and alcohols could do. Ever since, his runaway had been it. He tried to quit when he was 19. It only pays off for a little while before he was consumed by it again.

Paris Mychels | 17 | Student | Second Child | FC: Demi Lovato

Paris was a confident, beautiful and smart girl and everyone loved her but after that party a year and a half ago she wasn’t that lovable, confident, beautiful, smart girl anymore. Something happened there that changed her completely. Now she’s quiet and reserved. She doesn’t talk to many people apart from Mariana and Chris.

Thalia Mychels | 14 | Student | Third Child | FC: Ariel Winter

Thalia is the self-independent, over-achiever girl on the family. She can do everything on her own. And she’s far too smart for her own age. She also displays a sense of superiority because of her intelligence, constantly putting her accomplishments on display and demanding recognition for them.

Bailey Mychels | 3 | Youngest Child | FC: Emma/Eleanor Henry

Bailey is the princess of the family. Everybody loved her, everybody spoiled her. She can light up the mood with just one word. People just can’t help but to fell in love with her.

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